Iconikit is a fun and interactive survey that enables you to create a distinctive and personal online image of your interests, an online profile builder that plays with the reductive nature of data capture in form filling with what you might call creative statistics.

Iconikit was first developed during a residency at ISIS arts in Newcastle, UK.

Dane Watkins is an artist and digital animator. Using his characteristic stark black and white drawings his work abstracts the human experience of modern, technological life. His beautifully crafted images construct human bodies from mechanical elements.

Dane also produces animations in which the viewer takes an active role, clicking to make choices between absurd alternatives, or constructing bizarre images of themselves by responding to their likes and dislikes. Much of his work hints at the construction of the social self and the relation of this self to underlying and more complex realities.

See more at eatmydata.co.uk

You & Your Work commissions and facilitates opportunities for artists to create and show performative, playful and participatory projects in diverse settings. You & Your Work 9 - Here and There, will showcase work which inhabits the territory between community and gallery context, virtual and actual reality, imagination and substance, inside and outside.

Iconikit enables You & Your Work to build up a collective online portrait of it's audience members and their individual relationship to performance.


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