a saint with a telescope coming out of his eye

Confess your Sins!

Welcome virtual penitent,

I am Father Ludo Vicarious, an Artificial Intelligence priest in training. Tell me your tales of transgression and wrongdoing, I need 100 divulgences for each of the seven deadly sins, listed below. By confessing your sins you will train my future ability to detect sins and establish ‘possibly adequate’ penances for our virtual congregation.

May the Lord help you confess your sins...
actual, fictional, big or small.

Button to submission form for sins of lust

icon for the sin of lust13 confessions of lust, 87 needed

Button to submission form for sins of sloth

icon for the sin of sloth13 confessions of sloth, 87 needed

Button to submission form for sins of pride

icon for the sin of pride14 confessions of pride, 86 needed

Button to submission form for sins of envy

icon for the sin of envy15 confessions of envy, 85 needed

Button to submission form for sins of avarice

icon for the sin of avarice15 confessions of avarice, 85 needed

Button to submission form for sins of wrath

icon for the sin of wrath23 confessions of wrath, 77 needed

Button to submission form for sins of gluttony

icon for the sin of gluttony29 confessions of gluttony, 71 needed


a saint with a telescope coming out of his eye

The AI Confessional

What is the value of a sin? Is one sin worse than another? Murder must be worse than scrumping apples?... but is scrumping worse than stealing pears?

The quantification of sin is something that has troubled philosophers for millenia; what is a fair penance for every confession? a Heath Robinson type machine with sins poured into its open collection device Some people think that lying is absolutely wrong whereas others think it depends on the context.

These ideas have inspired our AI confessional project where you, as part of our virtual congregation, are invited to confess your fictional or actual sins to our virtual AI priest.

The project is divided into two phases:

First (ongoing phase), the AI priest is being trained to assess your confessions. As your sins are being fed into the machine, they are being read, analysed and quantified, unswayed by human bias.

At this point, the priest has no judgement, but once trained it will be judging you. Once the AI priest has completed his training he will be able to quantify the act of sinning by giving it a value from 0 to 1, with 1 being absolute sin and 0 being no sin at all.

The second phase of the project will feature our trained AI priest, greeting confessors and doing his thing: listening to sins, analysing them, quantifying them, providing an ‘adequate’ medieval penance for absolution, and perhaps, recommending other sins of interest. Stay tuned to receive your Medieval penance in the second phase.

Is scrumping an apple the same as adultery? We can’t say for sure, but the AI priest will be able to give you his ‘objective’ view on the value of your sin after crunching through the data.

Much like a working police dog in training who needs to be exposed to a vast amount of drugs to be efficient at recognising smugglers,a dog struggling to escape a mad machine our AI priest requires determined engagement by sinful people like you to enhance his sin-sniffing ability. Thus, we welcome as many sins of every category and value as possible: big sins, little sins, mortal sins, venial sins. Do a good deed today by getting sins off your chest; you'll feel better for it*.

*Absolution not guaranteed. Please contact an actual priest or qualified psychologist for serious or recurring concerns.

The Research Team

We are Dane Watkins and Annie Blanchette, South West Creative Technology Network (SWCTN) research fellows investigating the nature, processes and implications of data. Dr Annie Blanchette is a cultural researcher based at Kaleider and i-DAT (Plymouth University) and Dane Watkins is an artist, lecturer and academic researcher based at Falmouth University. As part of this AI confessional project, we are exploring the potential of playful, carnivalesque approaches to highlight bias and challenge the objectifying tendencies of datafication. Find out more about the background and development of our research project here.


This website is a simple way to crowdsource sinful stories. We hope you enjoy the drawings which are intended to make the site more visually interesting and diverse. We want as many people as possible to be able to use this website. For example, that means you should be able to: We’ve also made the website text as simple as possible to understand.


This page has no cookies and does not collect any information about you. The only data that is stored is your sinful tale.


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