Free Career Goals Quiz


Free Job Interview Skills Quiz. Test your career management skills. Gain an FREE advantage in the job market.. Step-by-step approach to improving your employment potential.

Click 2 work out work

Are you a cog in the machine or a shrub in the woods? Use the test to identify your core skills and achieve your career goals.

Click 2 redress the balance

There are times when the office machine flaters and stumbles thru a crisis. Learn to quicken your speed of thought, take charge and resolve issues.

Click 2 negotiate a crisis

There will be time when people disagree, learn how to handle disaffected members of the team, gain their trust and fire them when they are least expecting it.

Click 2 to lead your team 2 success

Get the best out of your team. Bring them together and tantalise them with loose women. Inspire them into achieving this months targets.

A personal workbook to career development and improvement. Lifelong learning and self improvement. Statistical analysis for leadership skills

Click 2 care for others

Not everyone in the team is as focussed and committed to the company. Learn how to turn these weak links to your own advantage.

Click 2 be a great communicator

It is not enough to do. You need to tell everyone that your are doing it and they need to hear that you are doing it.

Click 2 see more detail

When is a piece of wood not a piece of wood? When it is personally endorsed by a major celebrity! Improve your sales figures by seeing the bigger picture.

Click 2 rule out chance

Don't leave your career path to chance. Understand why poorer, weaker candiadates were promoted at your expense. Learn how to deal with the humiliation and take revenge.


In the darkest jungles of Kidenko in Central Africa the ancient tribe of Wabangi divined a young warriors place in the tribe by placing two hippos skulls at his feet. If the young warrior impressed the hippo skulls then he was fast tracked through the academy to take charge of raiding parties which would rape and pillage local villages. You have to decide what career path is best suited to your skills. Maybe you're not capable of raping and pillaging office supplies on the trading estate. Use the power of the hippo skulls to maximise your potential.

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