The Hero's Journey
stages, steps & characters in monomyth

Miraculous conception and birth. The call to adventure. Refusal of the call. Belly of the whale.  

The Ordinary World

Who is he? What does he do? Is that enough?

The Call

There must be more to life than hitting shoes?

The Refusal

There may be more to life but it isn't this.

The First Threshold

Jack prefers to wallow rather than start afresh.

>>...part 2

Atonement with the Father. The road of trials. The Vision Quest. Refusal of the Return.

The Mentor

And deep inside the whale Jack meets someone special.

The Second Denial

How will Jack respond to the stranger?

The Helper

What special powers will the stranger bestow upon Jack?

The Third Denial

How come there's so much built in obsolescence?

The Hero's Journey is a series of 15 animated MMS for mobile phones. Translated into Japanese by Masayo Kajimura. Produced at IAMAS 2005.