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3 Animated Stories for Mobile phones

A filmi love story for mobile network. Detective story for mobile fon, Road movie 4 cell fone

A Perfect Match

Love is met head on in a complex tangle of emotions as a chance encounter brings two strangers together.

Best Served Cold

Good and evil are polarized in this vicious tale of intrigue, mystery and revenge. But who did what to whom?


Set against an epic landscape Jack leaves a life of poverty and hits the road in search of hope and liberation.

Slumdog plays with foghorns. Jhakkas animated picture message. Animated wacko job.

Jack is lonely.

How does Jack cope with domestic bliss?

Can Jack find peace in jigsaw puzzles?

Bashed about by bling-bling messages. Bindaas boy and guru of games. Xcellent animes.

Will Jack snap out of it?

Is happiness a permanent state of bliss?

Where can Jack go?

Chikna meets rapchik txt. Shana wasting time. Appe! Kya kar raha hai yaar!

Has Jack found a hole?

How to spice up yesterday's curry!

Will Jack give birth to a new man?

Zang-Thang funky. Animated fookda, sookya. Published Wed 24th August

Has Jack found true love?

Has fate found its feet?

Everything is against Jack!

Pinched by animated zatak-classic dropping packets. Bunty dawg getting down and dirty. 2 many peeps, 747.

Has Jack survived the bureaucracy?

Is Jack lost in a loop?

What dangers does the road hold for Jack?

Lady-bug pix to download. Chillax, don't do it! Animated super fly guy.

Is there love outside the system?

Can Jack relieve his guilt?

Sometimes there's just too much excitement!

Tapori all alone. Animation full of fatta. Guy meets a jhincak maal.

Will loneliness torment Jack forever?

Has Jack ran out of ideas?

Where on Earth is Jack going?

Kela gone Pete Tong anime. Get down and trippy. A bit of a banana problem.

Have the revolutions come to a bitter and bloody end?

Where will Jack go?

Is Jack getting anywhere at all?

Hai mamoo animation. Gulp a chill pill. Dropping packets by the pound.

Get 100% EXTRA FREE!

Is Jack's fate in the hands of an edible piece of marketing?

Will Jack accdept responsibility for his actions?

Gajjab animation. Animated RG-GIRI. The lady loves an animated thulla.

Has Jack earned a rollover?

Jack is WEAK!

What's the common denominator?


Optimised for the Japanese mobile phone network more...
Produced at IAMAS, Japan



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Intimate Connection

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The Hero's Journey

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